Lobster Cocktail


Recipe serves 2

Whole fresh lobster 1
Bergamot orange 1
Freshly grated cauliflower 40 g
Breakfast radishes (shaved) 4
Diced green apple (granny smith) 20 g
Creme fraiche 40g
Lemon bakm 2 g
Bisque dressing 30g
For the Avocado puree:
Avocado 1
Lime juice 5g
Salt to taste
Few drops of red tabasco
For the sauce:
Lobster shells
Chicken wings 2
Celery 30g
White or brown onions 30g
Carrots 30g
Butter 20g
Lemon thyme 5g
Pernod / Pastis ( or Ricard) 30 ml
Creme fraiche 20g
Olive oil 10g
Lemon juice 3g


For the Avocado puree:

1.Remove the stone and skin from the avocado, blend all the ingredients until smooth in a food processor and place into a piping bag.

For the sauce:

2.Separate the tail and the claws from the lobster. Blanch in boiling water, (claws 4 minutes), (tail 3 minutes) then chill in iced water.

3.Crack the shells and remove the meat and set aside.

For the bisque dressing:

4.Roast the shells and chopped wings for 5 minutes in a pan with some butter, add the diced vegetables and herbs, de-glaze with pernod, cover with water, boil for 30 minutes, strain the liquid and reduce until it resembles a thick consistency.

5.Сool at room temperature. Once cooled, add the crème fraiche, olive oil and lemon juice, season to taste with salt and pepper.


6.Grate the cauliflower, season with salt and olive oil.

7.Dice the lobster, place it in a bowl, add some bergamot zest and juice, salt and pepper.

8.In a martini glass, build the cocktail in layers, start with the avocado, then some dressed lobster, avocado again and lobster.

9.On the top layer pipe some generous avocado dots and lay the radish shavings, sprinkle the cauliflower, and finish with a quenelle of caviar, garnish with the lemon balm.

Chef Marco Sanna

Is an Italian chef that has worked in leading restaurants and hotels in London, ranging from the 2 Michelin star restaurant at The Connaught Hotel, The Ritz Hotel to the 5 star “Moreno restaurant at Baglioni” .

In addition to this he has undergone stages at “Roux” at the Langham hotel

London, Sketch, and the Fat Duck to name just a few!

Today Marco heads up the culinary team at Casa Cruz Restaurant London.

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