Unique Caviar Tasting Event in Berlin

Attilus Caviar - Berlin Event

Attilus and the Palace Hotel Host Unique Caviar Tasting Event in Berlin

The Palace Hotel Berlin provided the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable evening, as the contemporary hotel partnered with Attilus Caviar for an exclusive caviar tasting event.

On October 26, guests from Berlin’s vibrant culinary scene were invited to enjoy two exquisite caviars and a freshly smoked sturgeon, all locally sourced from a fishery in Jessen, just under 100km from the venue.

Attendees were greeted at the door with sparkling white wine provided by Casanova Prosecco, before moving on to shots of chilled Beluga Vodka accompanied by caviar beautifully served on its own on mother-of-pearl dishes.

Attilus Royal Siberian Caviar on Mother Of Pearl SpoonsMore Attilus Royal Siberian Caviar on Mother Of Pearl Spoons

The evening progressed through a tasting menu with 5 canapes designed by Robin Freeman, a highly acclaimed cuisinier based in London, to bring out the unique flavour of Attilus Royal Oscietra and Royal Siberian caviars. The selection of delightful caviar-based bites including Caviar Tartar and Korean Fried Sturgeon, both topped with Attilus’ Royal Siberian Caviar.

Canapés with Caviar and Bread

Many of Berlin’s foremost chefs were in attendance, including Markus Semmler, Florian Glauert, Bernhard Moser, Philipp Liebisch and the Executive Chef at the Palace Hotel Berlin Matthias Diether, and they were treated to a wonderful surprise half-way through the evening when a freshly smoked sturgeon supplied by our partners at Rottstock Farm was bought out to great fanfare.

The serving of caviar is nearly always a ceremonious event, but this was a truly a unique occasion, I’ve never seen anything quite like it,” said Attilus Managing Director, Igor Stopnikov. “We couldn’t be more grateful to all the people who came together to make Attilus’ first caviar tasting event in Berlin such an amazing success.

A chef is creating some special menus

A couple is enjoying the Caviar Tasting Event in Berlin

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