The Story of Caviar’s Comeback

Fresh caviar is being produced

Caviar has staged an incredible comeback from a once-perilous situation.

Towards the end of the twentieth century, the global market for caviar was under a lot of pressure. Of course, only fish eggs taken from sturgeon can truly be called caviar, and these majestic fish were always in relatively short supply in the wild. People’s desire for top quality sturgeon caviar resulted in demand increasing faster than supply could keep up, and a combination of overfishing and the construction of dams preventing the fish returning to their spawning grounds was rapidly depleting wild sturgeon populations. At one point, the future of the industry, and indeed the delicacy itself, was looking bleak.

Over the last 15 years though there has been a gradual change in the way caviar is produced and processed. The days of sturgeon being poached for their eggs are virtually over, mainly due to the fact that international laws and regulations have been tightened up throughout the world. However, this has only been effective due to the development of a viable alternative.

Fortunately, a lot of investment has gone into aquaculture since the market for caviar came close to breaking point. All varieties of sturgeon (and there are over 25 species around the world) are still classified as endangered or threatened, but they are no longer on the brink of extinction due to the introduction of sustainable farming practices by a new breed of caviar producers.

Sturgeon are now farmed in captivity where they can be closely monitored, like the ones at our fishery in Jessen, Germany. We know that the exquisite taste of our signature Royal Oscietra and Royal Siberian caviar can only be achieved by maintaining the highest environmental and fish husbandry standards. Sustainable aquaculture is essential not only for the preservation of wild sturgeon stocks for future generations, but also to ensure that only the very best caviar is produced. Whether you buy from your local London caviar shop or choose online delivery, our high standards for farming ensure consistency and supreme quality each and every time.

We like to think that the passion and expertise we put into our business at Attilus Caviar are evident when you try our products. We also strive to set an example for how sustainable farming should be done, and continue to play our part in the comeback of caviar as the world’s most elite natural delicacy.

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